Pigeon Control

Pigeon Control

Pigeon Control

How to Get Rid of Pigeons:
Pigeon Spikes-This is a good and pretty safe method to keep these unwanted birds
from landing on the roof of your house, from the attic of your barn,
from the walls of your company's building or your own big huge amazing
and cool private skyscraper. This is what people do from time to time
in order to get rid of pigeons without using those other various and
pretty dangerous methods like repellents and toxic substances which
might be fed to pigeons and thus making them disappear once and for all.
Netting-Another really efficient method of pigeon control is called netting
and if you never had to deal with something like this then we are going
to try and provide just some basic information about it in order for
you have understand at least the basics because these are the most
important when dealing with several others issues on life. The pigeons
are always adapting to various methods that were at the beginning
created in order to manage them and to keep them away from landing,
nesting or even roosting in certain let's call them simply taboo areas.
With netting something like this won't happen. The netting method is
usually made of a big net that is installed in a certain place or in
order to protect something special. It consists of a physical barrier
which not only pigeons but any other birds of these dimensions are
unable to get through. This is what netting is all about lads.
Repellents-These substances might be used in different cases, especially when you are dealing with a whole flock of pigeons and you want to make them totally disappear. It basically
consists of different toxic and poisonous liquids that are being
utilized together with food specially prepared for pigeons. Birds eat
it and they are gone. It is a very cruel method and be sure you check
the laws of the state
you live in before doing something like this because you might get into
some kind of serious trouble. We had professional from different pest
removal organizations across US having some legal law suits with the
government for using such methods which are being categorized as
brutally killing innocent birds. Be extremely attentive.

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